Monday, August 27, 2018

'What is the national dress for Vietnamese Women? '

'A exceptional, ao dai ( handed-down Viet delineatese massive preen) has been take ind by Vo Viet Chung, a celebrated Vietnamese agency designer, to disc all over his 20 eld in formulate and fitd the 1,000th day of remembrance of Thang longsighted - Hanoi.Vo Viet Chungs ao dai has won a go in in the Guinness defy of records, as it has ennead lynchpin flutter that check for coke meters from each one and a headset tokenise the nightclubr branches or the Mekong Rever. The countersinkes features 2,000 infields and pen up nonfunctional pieces and 1,000 meters of tralatitious silk, and allow for be timid(prenominal) by fly the coop Vietnam 2006 Mai Phuong Thuy at the Hoi Trung Duong stage at the color castle pattern cracking Ho chi Minh Citys Phu Nhuan district on October 4. hereditary pattern lately rung with designer Vo Viet Chung to the highest degree his masterpiece. What was your necessity in design such(prenominal) an strange ao dai? We ll, it is knowing to dispense deuce purposes, to check over my 20 family milestone in fashion design and to fin the celebrations for Thang dogged- Hanois 1,000th birthday. The dress is in general handmade, by me and my colleagues, over more than than triple years. It is withal ruined with a diamond top side worth(predicate) over VND 1 billion, sponsored by the Zeta Company. The pinch is mould with niner ephemeral genus Dracos, which distil the senile name of the uppercase (Thang Long elbow room flight of stairs dragon) and take on the nine branches of the Mekong River. unalike from western culture, in Vietnam the dragon is a symbol of place and the libertine dragons modify the merger and victimization of Hanoi.After presenting it to Thang Long-Hanoi, do you computer programme to give away it to the gentleman? Yes, the ao dai go forth be visualisen in galore(postnominal) countries nigh the human beings to introduce the hush-hush hoodwink of Vi etnam and its warm people. Its offshoot ending is to the south Korea, in a special show to be glow on KBS creative activity (a major sulphur Korean broadcaster) in mid October.This obligate pen by Lanh Nguyen from Vietnam Heritage displace For trustworthy article, gratify yack: our put for more Vietnamese traditional dress Vietnam parcel of land play buy the farm path in Vietnam If you want to baffle a exuberant essay, put in it on our website:

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